Dreadlocks rock!

Me with bun

It is almost a year since my baby dreadlocks were born. It is something I have wanted my whole life and I have written about it previously here on my other blog. They have grown and changed a lot since then, and about 3 months ago I had gorgeous extensions put in and I love every single thing about having them.

Things that rock:

Washing weekly instead of daily. Although now since having extensions I wash more like every 10 -14 days. And in case you are wondering, no they don’t smell or get greasy. I am a super clean freak who showers twice a day, so no way could I put up with anything remotely dirty. I washed my hair every single day for over 40 years, and I can’t tell you how liberating it is to not be doing that any more.  Let’s look at how cool this one tiny thing is. I save 5 minutes in the shower every morning, minimum, that’s about 100 litres a day at least. I save 10 -14 mornings of washing and conditioning, that’s a ton of chemicals I am not using and money I am not spending. I save at least 10 minutes a day not blow drying, and then of course there are the products, hair spray etc. In time that’s over 3 hours every 2 weeks I am saving by having dreadlocks; time to do other awesome stuff!

It all adds up to money, energy, and time saved. Win win!

me with short dreads

I never have bad hair days. There is just no such thing with dreads. Sometimes they may get a little unruly when they need maintenance but they still look amazing and if I need to, I just use one of my awesome headbands, wraps, clips or just tie it up on top my head. Every day is a rad hair day with dreads.

Me with Ella

I am unique. Yes dreads are growing in popularity, but ultimately they are still unique. So I don’t look like everybody else, and that suits me just fine. I am an individual and l love that!

Me in Bali 1

Wanted to be normal

It is natural. Before we had brushes, combs and styling products, this is how we all would have looked. As nature intended. Granted mine are manufactured in a way and tidier than if I was in the wild, but really it is more natural than anything I have had before.


I can pretend to be Cousin Itt. Something I could never do as a kid. Ok not really a good reason, but I got to fulfil a childhood fantasy.

Cousin It


Dreads are hot. That is all.

This is my husband. Enough said.

Shanton side view

Things that don’t rock:

Still waiting to find any.

Do you have dreadlocks? What do you love the most about them?

Peace, love and mung beans forever.

Rae-Anne 🙂 xx

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