Not really sure what to write tonight as I usually like to write something interesting or good or at least something that has a point, but in the interest of developing a daily writing habit, I am gonna see what comes out anyway.

I have a pretty yucky couple of days to be honest. I was absolutely on fire, feeling amazing and full of beans until about 4:30 on Friday afternoon when a headache you could photograph came flying out of nowhere. It brought with it nausea and dizziness just to make me feel even more incredible. I think it has to be hormonal, as when I tracked back the last three, the only three, the worst three, they happened exactly 21 days apart right before other things happened. Oh the joys of womanhood hey? Anyhooooo…it meant all of my plans for the weekend were dropped in a major way. My weekend consisted of moving from the bed to the lounge and back to the bed again. Far from the yoga, lunches, vision board making, course preparation and writing weekend I had planned. I couldn’t look at a screen yesterday, much less put a post together, so nothing went up here either. It is interesting what happens when we just lie there, watching Dr Phil, Hoarders and nonsense on Youtube, all of the shoulds and guilt come into play. Should really be doing this, that and the other. The itty bitty shitty committee certainly want to have their say in a big way.

One thing for sure that I learnt, no I was reminded of – never leave anything til the last minute, that should or could be done earlier. I am delivering two large courses this week and have done zero prep, and I do mean zero. Tonight I dragged my sorry butt off the lounge long enough to put some stuff in a box and I am hoping that the magic healing pixies do their job while I sleep and I wake full of beans, joy and energy to provide great learning and content for my participants. Anyhow, enough whinging, just wanted to put something out, sorry it’s not my usual lively love and light, but feeling kinda crap really.

Have a great week everybody!


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