So I kinda lost my mojo for a bit…


I was cruising along nicely, writing almost every day and really enjoying it. I really love writing. I have never been able to paint, draw, play music or any of the other beautiful creative pursuits that so many people enjoy, so writing is my outlet and it brings me great joy. So there I was, writing every day until that hideous thing I shall call the migraine from hell, hit me. Still not totally sure what it was but fairly certain it was hormonal.

Anyhoooo…following on from my last post, where I was preparing for and hoping to be well enough to deliver training the next morning; I actually did something I have never done before, I cancelled a course. I woke the next day and was meant to be delivering Mental Health First Aid, but my body had very different ideas. I had no choice but to contact my participants, cancel the course and crawl back into bed.

It went away – eventually and since then I have had a pretty awesome couple of weeks, but I haven’t been making time to write.

The way I write has always been spontaneous. I see, hear, read or remember something and the urge to write comes and away I go. I have never planned writing pieces or times on any of my blogs and I am sure if I put in my calendar “write an article at 2pm” nothing would happen, it’s just not my way. However I know that developing a regular writing habit, whether for private reading or public sharing, is actually a great thing to do, and it really enhances the whole creative process, hence this blog. It is my place to write ‘stuff’ on no particular topic or theme, but a place to randomly share and write about whatever it is I feel like, hopefully daily. So here I am, seeing what comes up, and I am excited to be back at it.

Tonight I would like to close with some gratitude.

freedom to live life on my terms – education – personal growth –  family –  friends – my amazing, heartbreakingly beautiful country – electric blankets – steaming hot tea – grateful.

Always. Grateful.

Virginia Woolf writing quote


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