The dentist….


I went to the dentist today. This is my third visit in as many weeks and I have another two to go. I actually really don’t like going to the dentist at all. I trained my previous dentist over seventeen years on how to manage my little idiosyncrasies, and then a couple of years ago, I got a letter telling me that he had retired and sold his practice. So what did I do, I just didn’t go back. I had “book dentist appointment” on my to do list for over two years. My girlfriend went to the new dentist who had taken over and told me that she was a lovely and very gentle dentist and that I would be very happy. She even sent me reminder texts about booking my appointment for months but still I didn’t go.

It’s not about pain. Pain doesn’t bother me that much really. I just find it a yucky and uncomfortable experience. It’s the saliva mainly. I can’t stand the feeling of saliva in my mouth and the thought of the suction and where it sends my saliva whooshing down that tube makes me want to gag, so I try not to imagine where it goes. I don’t actually know and don’t really want to, but my imagination and gag reflex have a way of making me think of the possibilities. I hate the feeling of the dentists gloves when they get slimy, I hate my mouth being full of saliva, did I mention it’s the saliva? I need to spit and rinse constantly and my previous dentist knew that. Who else would understand my issues like he did?

So after four years I got up the courage and went for a check up three weeks ago. Boy do I wish I hadn’t left it so long. I had some major issues that needed fixing and now I am having ongoing treatment. If only I had stuck to regular check ups….sigh. Fortunately she is incredibly gentle and caring and I am very comfortable with her and she is incredibly accommodating, and after two fillings today and a tongue and face that wouldn’t function properly for about four hours, I am now determined to maintain regular check ups. Oh and flossing. I am good with brushing but my flossing has always been my downfall.

Must. Remember. To. Floss.

So the moral of this story is, as with so many other things in life, and it’s one we all know, but don’t seem to be able to remember, is to never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. It definitely can cost you more in the long run.



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