Please don’t ask me……


Please don’t ask me to give a fuck

About your pretty new bag or your shiny truck

Please don’t be offended that I don’t give a damn

Whether your shoes are made in Paris or Milan

What I really want to know

Is who you are when you’re alone

What makes you laugh, what makes you cry

What makes you want to curl up and die

What stirs your soul

What makes your heart ache

What kind of world would you like to create

What do you hunger for

What are you thirsting for

What is your most primal need

If tomorrow were your last day here

What would be your greatest fear

What do you need to be truly fulfilled

I can promise you, it’s in you still

Scream, roar, growl and moan

Let leash your primal painful groan

Smash away your crafted façade

Peel back the layers from around your heart

Be free, be wild, express yourself

Let us all see your true self

Whatever it takes

Whatever you need

It is time to open your beautiful seed

Let me see, my precious soul

Who you are when you’re alone


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