An unbearable love

you pressed just once

Reluctantly she dragged herself off of him. She was completely spent, soaked in sweat and the musky scent of sex oozed from her. Their love-making was still like nothing she had experienced before. Passionate and frenzied, as if they had never made love before and never would again.

It had always been this way, from their first kiss, the spark between them made their bodies tingle in ways previously unimaginable. The first few months were almost painful in their exquisiteness. Their passion was all-consuming, nothing mattered except for the moments they spent together. Hours and weeks passed with them barely functioning outside of their private space. Work didn’t matter, friends were merely a distraction, and food, well it was something they just grabbed as fuel when their spent bodies dictated that it was time to eat. It was impossible for her to look at him without wanting to suffocate and devour him, her love and lust for him was almost unbearable for her to contain.

All she wanted to have was to have him near, in and on her. Every inch of him was heaven to her senses and she found it impossible to keep her hands off him. If she could, she would have somehow crawled inside of him, to be part of him, safe in the cocoon of his love.

When they ventured out in public, she could barely hold down a conversation, couldn’t keep her eyes off him and counted the seconds until they could be alone again. They hardly slept, the hours together felt like seconds as they talked, loved, shared and relished and squeezed so much out of each precious moment.

He breathed in. She breathed out. She breathed in. He breathed out.

They were as one.

But how long could this crazy love last? Was it even real? How could a passion be so great that it can be so all consuming, to block out all thoughts of reality and the real world. Or was this the real world? Nothing mattered when she was with him, nothing ever did. Time stood still when they were together, even though in reality months and years were flying by, too fast for her liking. But it was ok, she was with him and that’s all that she cared about.

So much love, so much time, so much passion. It was her fuel, her sustenance, her life blood, her everything.

He was her everything. He is her everything. Her everything is him.


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