A thousand tabs open

too many tabs open

Right now looking at my browser, I have about 16 tabs open, and that’s after just closing a whole lot down. If I was to open my iPad it would be likely more and my iPhone even more again.

I am an information junkie, self help freak and voracious reader of random stuff. I am really handy to have on your team at quiz nights and helping friends with useful and sometimes useless information. Before Google I was the go to girl for trivia on almost any topic, oh and I used to kick arse at Trivial Pursuit.

I keep browser tabs open as I come across something interesting that leads me to something else, then I open another tab and don’t want to lose the first one and I plan to go back and read and so on. I might see a link and don’t have time to read so I plan to go back to it later. Sometimes I screen grab a post to go back and read it later too.

I was making my breakfast just now, (peanut butter on toast) and thinking about what I might like to write about this morning as I usually don’t wake up with a plan, I just go with whatever comes to mind, which is why my posts range from topics such as addiction to Africa. I got to thinking about the constant knowledge seeking and reading when I looked at some of the tabs I had left open. I often look at courses, self help, personal development, professional and otherwise as I have a massive love and quest for lifelong learning. Nothing wrong with that. However when you look at most self help/personal development stuff, it is all pretty much the same, just written in a different way. In fact I heard Louise Hay say this at a conference. She basically said that the audience will hear a lot of authors saying the same thing, just in a different way and something that one says will resonate with some and others will relate to a different author and it will be as if you heard the message for the first time.

I have known for a long time that all I need to know is already available to me, but I kept doing courses and looking for the answers outside of myself. In 2012 I did a course and while I enjoyed it, I felt like I learnt absolutely nothing knew, I decided then that I didn’t need to do any more. Somehow I didn’t seem to believe it deep down though and since then I have spent plenty of money on courses that were lovely and pleasant but I didn’t learn anything new. It was an expensive way to learn that I already know enough but I am grateful for that experience.

I realised I was waiting for someone to BLOW MY MIND!

So I am no longer going to enrol in any courses, except one more in January with Brene Brown (can’t help it, she’s my she-ro) and I think it is time that I BLOW MY OWN MIND!

They say if there is a book that you want to read, then you need to write it yourself, and this is my time to do it.

I am getting ready to blow my own mind and maybe somebody else will have their mind blown too.

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