It’s keeping me awake


I made a decision recently that I’m going to really focus on my writing next year. I will still do some of my other work as I need to earn a living, but I am going to call myself a writer. In order to do that I am starting to “declutter” my life. I am a busy person with fingers in dozens of pies and I love all of it but it all serves as a very convenient distraction at times.

Yesterday I advised my friends via Facebook of my decision (and they were incredibly supportive and excited for me which is wonderful) and started considering the ways I could create the physical and mental space to focus on writing. Well my mind has now officially gone into overdrive. There are some simple tasky things I have started, such as photographing and listing some of my retail products to clear and carefully considering which work I take as requests come through for next year. However I seem to have unleashed something in my brain which seems to relish in the thought of constant creativity. All I can think about is how to make this happen but in my usual fashion I become overwhelmed at the thought and start filling my mind with extraneous tasks that will be helpful and are necessary but overwhelm me at the same time.  You see when I begin, I want NO excuses, so it has become urgent for me to complete this now, as I am also away for 3.5 weeks from Christmas Day.

At 2:30am I was still awake and I really wanted to read or write but didn’t want to wake hubby and the loungeroom just doesn’t work for me at that time of the evening, so I cut myself a huge chunk of banana cake, slathered it with butter and spent more time sorting my office. It is fairly full at the moment as I run several businesses from there and suddenly it has become urgent that I must clear it.

This writing life is now a not negotiable and everything else seems to be a nuisance and a distraction.

So after only 4 hours sleep I woke and immediately wanted to make things happen again. I think I will be fairly tired tonight, which will be great. I just want to get into it and make shit happen!

A friend has also kindly offered to create my website, so this blog will convert to a site soon as I begin to formally offer my writing and editing services.

I am excited!

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