The flow of writing (for me anyway)


Some days I write nothing and others I write a lot. Yesterday I wrote three blog posts and I feel as if my followers may feel spammed and I am sorry about that, but I tend to go with the flow.

I have never planned my writing on this or any other blog – ever. What happens is that I might see something, hear something, have a thought in the shower, then grab my laptop and write it. Most posts take no more than a couple of minutes as it is really a flow of consciousness that I pour out, rather than trying to say something or make a particular point.

I write what I am thinking and feeling and go back to briefly edit, find an eye catching photo and upload. Once I start, I find I want to write more and more and more. This is the primary idea behind Julia Cameron’s morning pages. I have to confess I have The Artist’s Way and the morning pages journal and have even bought some lovely pens but it is so long since I have written freehand and I am yet to start. However I plan to do it as a daily practice from now on.

The reason I am going to start morning pages is I’ve found that sense of flow that comes from writing leads to that need to write more as I mention above. Up until this point it hasn’t mattered whether I write once a year or three times a day, but as I am about to start writing full time I need to have myself well prepared to keep the creative tap open and flowing.

I have never suffered writers block, but that’s not to say I am any better than anyone else. The reason is simply that I only write when an idea comes. I have never written through discomfort, distractions, boredom or any other challenges that writers face, as I have previously had no structure or discipline to my writing.

Things are about to change. I am going to write my book next year and I will be putting writing first as I have mentioned in other posts, and I’m sure I will face all of the above challenges and many more.

One thing I lack in ANY aspect of my life is discipline. In anything. I seriously have none and I don’t mind admitting it now. One thing I have learnt about myself that has really come to the fore recently is that I don’t deal with discomfort on any level, and I do mean any level. I think I will write about this in another post, but it is something I definitely need to work on.

So one of the goals I have set for myself is to establish a daily writing practice. It will be an interesting process for me but one that is necessary to explore this art that I love so very much.

Stay tuned, we are in for quite a ride!

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