You are NOT welcome



You are NOT welcome


You visit uninvited day and night

Filling me with fear

Holding me in your clutches

Invading my mind

You are not welcome


You interrupt my happy days

Filling my gut with nausea and pain

Putting terrifying thoughts into my mind

Making me miserable

You are not welcome


You keep me awake all hours of the night

Making me want to scream, cry and sleep

You take me to the darkest of places

Thoughts so intrusive, so black and so very wrong

You are not welcome


Anxiety you have been with me since I was a child

Visiting when and where you please

I cannot stand the thoughts you bring

Thoughts so terrible, dark and scary, thoughts that can never be discussed

You are not welcome


Every day I try to keep you away

Positivity can take me only so far

Some sleepless nights, that time of the month, a hurtful word taken hard

Extra pressure, stress and overwhelm, too many negative things seen

Bring you flying right on in, knocking me flat, paralysed, unable to move


Anxiety you are not welcome

It really is time for you to leave

I want to live in peace and quiet

Will you please just let me be?


You are NOT welcome


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