Goodbye Bali, for now anyway

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After two blissful weeks in my beloved Bali, I am heading back to Australia tomorrow. Two weeks is never long enough and while we have booked flights for another two weeks in March, we are looking at the possibility of returning for an extended stay of about three months later this year. We really want to see what it is like for us here on a more long term basis. We have some plans that could assist us in earning an income here and will work on those over the coming months.

While I always love it here, this trip has been extra special.

I am thankful for:

  • My incredible family and friends who flew all the way here to share my 50th birthday with me. Words are simply inadequate to express my profound gratitude.
  • Pampering and relaxation time.
  • Precious holiday time with my gorgeous hubby.
  • Finishing two books in a week.
  • The fact that I wrote almost every day.
  • My creativity was at its best.
  • The tattoo I got today to celebrate my birthday and the decision to call myself a writer.
  • My freedom.

Freedom is something I am ALWAYS thankful for and have written about on many occasions, but it really stood out again for me today. You see I was sitting next to a lady in the spa while I had a pedicure, we were discussing Bali and she said sadly she had only ten days here as her work wouldn’t let her take any longer off. That made me feel sad. I started working for myself a little over two years ago and sometimes I take for granted the fact I can just hop on a plane whenever I want, and I have no restrictions imposed on me by anybody.

I know self employment isn’t for everyone, but for me it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Freedom and flexibility are right up there in my non-negotiables in life, and I expect they will stay that way forever.

So I would like to repeat that I am so very very grateful for my freedom and say Sampai Jumpa Lagi to my beautiful island home. ❤


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9 thoughts on “Goodbye Bali, for now anyway

  1. As someone who once wrote freelance and is contemplating returning to the lifestyle, I wish you all the best in your endeavours. I too, take solace in reading and writing lots (even when it’s hard work getting started sometimes).

    Also, as someone who speaks Malay, nice touch on the ending. Do keep writing!


    • Thank you so much for the compliment and good wishes Stuart. I love writing so much and I’m about to explore options as a freelance writer in addition to writing a couple of books I’ve wanted to write for years. 😀


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