Social media to real life friendships


This week I have been blessed to spend time with three amazing women who have become my dearest friends. I would never have met them but for Facebook.

I physically met Michelle for the first time just last week in Bali, although we have been speaking for over 5 ½ years since a mutual friend told us we would hit it off as we had a lot in common, including the fact that we were both off living our dreams in foreign countries. She introduced us via Facebook. From the second I walked into their villa last week, it was if I had seen her just the day before, instantly easy, relaxed and comfortable. Michelle is an Aussie but lives in Bahrain, and our first meeting was in Bali! I am planning a trip to Bahrain this year to see her and we are looking to create some special online magic together soon.

Astara is a very special friend who I met through a mutual friend on Facebook in 2011. I was seeking connection and soul sisters and through a series of synchronicities we met. The first time we spoke, we talked for over an hour. Since then we chat and speak regularly and she has a great knack of motivating me to be creative, and she helped me to finally see that I am in fact an artist. She came to Adelaide to meet in person in 2012 and we talked non-stop all day. Today I came to stay with her in Margaret River for a few days. Astara is also an incredibly gifted artist, and works across a myriad of mediums. She is going to build my new website, teach me how to sketch and one day paint, which I am very excited about.

Aylee is my closest, dearest and most special friend. We met in person in 2010. I was living in Ghana and desperate for some ex pat friendship, so I messaged a Facebook friend who I thought might possibly know someone, anyone living in Ghana. She didn’t, but she knew of somebody who was planning to go over for three months and she introduced us on Facebook. We chatted regularly before she came to Ghana and we instantly clicked. She was at my wedding and I was at her engagement, both in Ghana. Since 2014 I’ve been to Perth to stay with her five times, she has come to Adelaide and we just went to Bali together. We speak and message every single day, many times a day. She is my bestie, my hero, my inspiration, a fearless warrior and my sister from another mister. I love you more than words! ❤

I am so grateful for these beautiful women. I know Facebook cops a lot of criticism but without it I wouldn’t have them in my life.

Blessed and thankful. ❤

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