Stay classy girls!



Tonight I was laughing with a girlfriend, actually almost wetting ourselves to be honest, about a certain website that sells something I have always found amusing and somewhat disturbing at the same time. The site sells velvet vulvas. Yes you read that right, velvet vulvas. These classy items are available as handbags, underwear, hats and even framed ones for the wall. Prices range from the bargain price of $95 up to $350.

I don’t get it, I really don’t get it. I mean I get women being proud of their bodies and demystifying stigma associated with sexuality and embracing the feminine and all, but really, do we need velvet vulvas to wear as accessories? What does this prove to anyone?

It is not only this site either. There are many artists creating art from genitalia. I also acknowledge that art comes in many forms and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but to me there’s art and there’s art. I have read the story of the woman who knits with wool she dyes from….well let’s just say the wool is red.

Believe me I am no prude, in fact what is the opposite of a prude, because that would be me. However I don’t see the point of this kind of art. Is it the intention of the artists to push boundaries, cause controversy or get publicity? What’s wrong with a bit of flair, an edge of mystery and allure? I feel sometimes in our search for equality and feminism some women have forgotten how to be feminine and the fact that it’s god damn sexy to be classy.

For me, I will keep my girly bits to myself and happily wear my normal flowery handbag thanks.

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