Crossing cultures. Oi! Oi! Oi!


Today is Australia Day. No matter what your opinion on this day and there are many, which I am not going in to, for me today was very special. I am very proud to be Australian, always have been, always will be. I LOVE my country. From a tiny child I was very aware of how blessed I was to have been born into this free, peaceful, abundant and rich country.

I am an Aussie. Oi! Oi! Oi!


The reason today was special for me is that today my husband officially became an Australian Citizen. He had been granted citizenship quite some time ago, but it was not official until he took a pledge at a ceremony. Today was that day. The ceremony was really beautiful with 84 people taking the pledge to call this great country their forever home.

He didn’t want me to go originally as he thought it would be silly and embarrassing, he thought he would sneak out, get his certificate and come home to surprise me. I’m so glad he didn’t. It was an incredibly special moment.

First of all he didn’t want pictures and didn’t want to pose with his certificate and I most definitely wasn’t allowed to share it on Facebook, but he did allow me take a pic to share with my mum and close family and friends. They were all as proud and happy as he and I are.

He will always be Ghanaian in his heart and Africa remains his motherland but he has a love and passion for this country that thrills me, but now he has officially taken my country as his own. He is now officially an Aussie.

I was reflecting on this and realised just what a huge deal it is. He doesn’t see it as huge but I do. Imagine taking on a whole new culture, way of life and citizenship in a country so foreign to your own. I personally can’t contemplate what that might be like. I lived in his country for a year, but I knew I would go home eventually so while I loved it, it was always a temporary thing. He is in his own words “cool, calm and collected” so he has taken it all in his stride, but trying to imagine choosing not to be a citizen of my own country any longer is kinda of a big thing in my opinion.


I am grateful that he has taken this step and am so proud that he has chosen my country of birth to be his country of the future.

Love and peace and all good things to you on this beautiful day.

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