Chipped cups and stained clothes


My gorgeous hubby has a habit of chipping coffee mugs and glasses. Always in exactly the same place, every single time. I used to keep them, but push them towards the back of the cupboard “just in case”. I recently bought some lovely new ones and one got chipped right away and another broken. As an aside, do they not make cups like they used to? Some of my cups are years old and still not chipped…anyway. I have now thrown all of the chipped ones away and decided that a chip is the same as a break for me. Wasteful? Maybe. For me it’s about having an abundance mindset and keeping only what is beautiful and purposeful in my home, and my home is my sanctuary.

I would much rather have 10 perfect cups and a beautifully clean and organised cupboard than 20 with chips filling space needlessly. The same goes for glasses, plates and any other kitchen items. I don’t have fancy expensive stuff, but what I do have is mine, I chose it and I love it. I want to open my cupboards and feel space, clarity and only the best of what I have. Many years ago I started using the cutlery set I got for my 30th birthday as an every day set. I used to keep it aside for dinner parties. Well each day should be like a party in my opinion, and so every day it is used. The same with my special dinner set. I got rid of everything else.

I challenge you to go to your cupboards if you have a habit of keeping stuff that is less than perfect and getting rid of it. Clean the cupboard out and feel the gorgeous space and the invitation to take great care of what you own, no matter how much or how little and whether it was bought at Target or Royal Doulton.


Now let’s talk about clothes. I have been known to keep tops that have a slight rip, or a stubborn stain. No more. I kept them for gardening or walking or whatever, but why shouldn’t I wear nice clean well kept clothes no matter what my activity? It is a very cleansing feeling. The same goes for clothes that don’t fit well or looked like a good idea at the time, but have never left the hanger. Get rid of them. If you are the kind of person who will go straight to the charity bin, go ahead and do it. Whatever you do, don’t let them sit around in plastic bags or in your car waiting to go there. Once you decide you are worth more, make it happen right away.

I live my life as a deliberate creator and I have used the law of attraction to bring every thing into my life that I have ever wanted. One thing that I have learnt is that while it is great to be altruistic and live a simple life (and I live very simply) nobody is inspired by somebody who is poor, broke and sick. I am rich, but not always in the traditional sense. I am rich in time, freedom, relationships, health, choices and I have enough money to meet my needs and my desires to travel at least four times a year overseas and many times domestically as well. Awesome. In order for the universe to bring you what you want, you need to create the space for it to happen.

If you know you deserve only the best, you will attract the best. If you allow space for more to flow, more will flow. If you think you deserve chipped cups in the cupboard, keep chipped cups in the cupboard. If you think you deserve only beautiful and functional things in your home, only have beautiful and functional things in your home.


It can be daunting to start, so the best thing I can suggest is to do just one thing at a time. It might be one cupboard, one drawer, one shelf. Set a timer for 15 minutes, we can all do pretty much anything for 15 minutes right? Once it goes off, see if you feel like going.

Chances are, the more you see and appreciate the beauty and simplicity around you, the more you will create it.

This can be the first step you take towards creating the beautiful life you deserve. And yes abundance can begin with simply looking at your chipped cups.

I would love you to tell me how you go.

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