Act as if you already have it


I have lived my life as a deliberate creator for as long as I can remember. I have delivered workshops on it and written a little about it. I could fill a book with stories of how I have used the Law of Attraction to manifest a wonderful life, and maybe one day I’ll do just that.

Once I have decided what it is I want to manifest and put my intention out and believed it will come, the next step is one of the most powerful ways I have found to use the Law of Attraction. What is that? Act as if you already have it, or as if it has already happened. Take action as if whatever it is you are seeking is already in your life.

Let me give you an example. One of the most profound experiences I’ve had in using the Law of Attraction is a long story and one I will share later, but it revolves around selling a hotel I used to own. As an aside, no broker, no advertisements, no profit and loss statements, nothing – SOLD in 21 day of setting my intention. The broker called me begging me to sell it to their client who ONLY wanted my hotel, cash unconditional, for the price I had decided I wanted, less just $10,000. Yep. Crazy shit hey? More on that another time. Once I put my intention out there, I started taking action as if it had already happened in my life.

Some of the actions I took included:

  • Taking my uniforms out of the wardrobe and disposing of them, as I wasn’t going to need them anymore.
  • Cleaning out the filing cabinet in the office of all personal paperwork, removing all personal trinkets, items from the office that wouldn’t stay there after it was sold, because they would need to be at home, not at the business I wouldn’t own anymore.
  • Making plans for my next venture, real and concrete plans.
  • Tidying up any loose ends to do with the hotel that had been on my to do list forever, because they needed to completed, as I wouldn’t be there anymore.

You get the idea. I have dozens of stories like this. It is powerful stuff.

Recently I decided that I want to spend the month of June in Bali, I go there at least 3 times a year, but usually for 2 weeks maximum. The next stage after this one will be to stay for 3 months. This year I decided I’m to go for 4 whole blissful weeks to write my book, and I’ll also be holding a gorgeous writers retreat  for women while I’m there. Once I made my decision, I took immediate action, cleared my calendar for the month, booked and paid for my accommodation and flights, and proclaimed it was going to happen. The very next morning I got offered some work that covered my whole months trip and more. If the work didn’t come, it would have been fine, but that work confirmed to me Universal support for my decision. How frigging awesome is that!?


I love living an intentional life. I believe we are all capable of creating and crafting a wonderful life and living with abundance on our terms. I’m not saying I don’t face little bumps in the road, but I see each of those as the Universe’s way of teaching me something that I need to learn, and I love that.

If you work with the Law of Attraction, I encourage you to take the extra step if you don’t already of acting as if it has already happened. Have a look at what it is you want to manifest and act as if it is right there in your life, right now! Even the smallest step can get you started. You might be surprised at just what awesomeness you can create!

I would love to hear how you create your life on YOUR terms.

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