What we need is a great big melting pot..


What we need is a great big melting pot
Big enough to take
The world and all it’s got 

(Blue Mink 1969)

I’m back in my beloved Bali and at breakfast this morning hubby and I were pursuing one of our favourite pastimes – people watching. I love it, I love human beings, human behaviour, psychology and especially cultural diversity.

Our hotel is frequented by a huge range of people from everywhere, very few Aussies in fact, but rather a bright colourful array of people from all corners of the globe. We were sitting opposite a Japanese couple, had a lovely chat to a family from Norway, saw many people from Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Europe and so many other places all enjoying their own version of breakfast.

Have you ever been to an international breakfast buffet? I love them! While I don’t fancy the idea of some of the different foods for breakfast, I love looking to see what other people enjoy. Fish porridge, rice, noodles, a whole range of different condiments and accompaniments sit happily along side the traditional western breakfast of eggs, sausages, pancakes, sweet cakes, toast and cereal.

How wonderful that we can all come together no matter where we are from, and enjoy the simple act of eating breakfast without the nonsense and bullshit that surrounds us in the rest of the world. There is something so lovely about a group of people on holidays. Everyone is relaxed, free and easy and have all the time in the world to pass the day, eating with their loved ones, chatting to strangers, making new friends and enjoying every second.

I know holidays aren’t necessarily a representation of real life, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if the harmonious feelings and moments we share while we are away could flow back into our daily lives, and we all take back to our respective countries the respect and peace we feel for one another when we are taking time out for ourselves.


Blue Mink’s 1969 song which dreamed of a world of racial integration may have some words that are not politically correct in 2016, but the intention remains the same.

One world.

One love.

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