I cut my dreadlocks off today!


I love dreadlocks, always have, always will. I have written about them many times before, most recently here where I share all the reasons I think they rock. I’m also a locktician and create and maintain beautiful dreadlocks for clients. I love everything about them. My husband has the hottest dreads ever, but I’m just a little biased there.

Today I cut all of mine off. I have been thinking about it for a few weeks and today in a moment of spontaneity I went ahead and did it.

before removal

And so it begins…..

I’m still unsure how I feel about it, as they were so much a part of me and prior to getting them this time, I had really missed them from the time when I had removed them several years prior. On the one hand I feel incredibly free and light and on the other I don’t recognise myself in the mirror right now. I was worried I looked a little boyish and older at first, it’s a huge change for me! I think I am feeling a sense of loss at the moment, which might seem ridiculous to some people, but I really loved them, a lot. Maybe it was time I lost that attachment? I posted my new profile pic on Facebook soon after and as I was walking back to my hotel I had no wifi and by the time I got here I was overwhelmed with positive comments. I don’t post photos in order for people to comment, but validation from people who know and love you is a powerful thing. I really felt the lurrve and it was good.

dreads on the floor

My babies….on the floor, gone forever!

So why did I do it? Mostly because I felt like a change. I have undergone some massive personal and lifestyle changes lately and it felt right to make this change also. I felt like I wanted look a little different for a while and, after all it’s just hair and it will grow back right?

Things I’m not looking forward to:

  • Having to do my hair every day. With dreadlocks my hair was always done, and there was no such thing as a bad hair day – ever.
  • Along with the above all of the nonsense that comes with it as well as the time factor. My showers were quick and I was always ready in no time. It was seriously fucking amazing.
  • Regular haircuts. I never had to cut my hair, though I did need to get maintenance. This was also becoming tricky as the person I trust to keep my locks gorgeous moved interstate and I lacked the upper body strength to do my own. This was tough for me as I like to keep mine super neat, as my main work is in the corporate arena delivering training and coaching clients. Not that having dreadlocks ever affected my business – no, however I did like them to look their best at all times.
  • Looking different. I LOVED that I didn’t look like everyone else. I like my own style and I always have and dreads were just another wonderful way for me to express my individuality and I totally loved that about them.
  • Accessories. I have a gazillion hair wraps, head bands, bits and bobs and I won’t be able to use them any more, at least not until my hair grows some anyway which will take a long time.

Things I am looking forward to:

  • Swimming and going under water. I couldn’t do this with dreads as it is critical that they be dry by bedtime in order to keep them smelling fresh and clean, so swimming with my head above water it was. I didn’t like that one bit.
  • Having head massages. I used to wash my hair regularly and have it washed professionally occasionally, but there is nothing like somebody really giving a great head massage!
  • Being cooler in Bali. There is no doubt that with all that hair on top of my head it was hot up there. I travel here regularly enough for this to be a nice positive for the future. Not to mention point one, swimming!
  • Being comfortable on the pillow, no matter where my hair is. While I loved my dreads, they did require sorting my hair out in order to sleep, either up high in a ponytail, back over the pillow or anywhere, they weren’t always comfortable to lie straight back on. Now, it won’t matter.
  • Rubbing my fingers through my hair and scalp. It’s a nice feeling and one I did miss, though I did get used to it, it is nice to be able to do it again.

After. I’m not used to it yet, but I’m sure it won’t take long.

To be honest I never thought I would cut my dreads off and if you had asked me even two months ago if I ever saw the day it would happen, I would have given you an emphatic NO! I pictured myself a silver haired lady with dreads forever and who knows I might just get them again.


A friend shared that fabulous quote with me tonight when she saw my new profile pic. There is so much truth to this, Coco was a wise woman. I’m in the midst of enormous change and look forward to continuing to enjoy this next stage of my life with excitement and anticipation.

large signature straight

8 thoughts on “I cut my dreadlocks off today!

  1. I’ve wanted dreads for so long, but the whole “no underwater” has made me not want to do it! I’ve talked to a hand full of dread heads and they say, “screw it, it just gets stinky”
    But then I’ve talked to some other very clean well kept dread heads and really don’t do that, and also buy special shampoo for their dreads!
    I think I’d mess them up!

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