What do you value?


When I speak of my year in Ghana, the topic of values inevitably comes up. I always talk about the fact that everything I thought I knew about life was challenged, poked and prodded and that my values and everything I thought was important in the world shifted and changed enormously.

I was being interviewed on WOW FM this week and Bianca, the presenter asked me an interesting question and surprisingly one I hadn’t been asked before. She asked me “what do you value now?”

I realised I had never actually stopped to consider what it was that I valued now. These values are obviously there and inform who I am and how I live, but I hadn’t articulated them out loud.  The answer rolled easily off my tongue







Nothing about money, income, status or anything remotely similar in nature. What I value, money simply can’t buy.

Africa taught me so much about life, love and most importantly myself.

Forever grateful.

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