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Six figure entrepreneur. Multiple six figure entrepreneur. Seven figure entrepreneur. Solopreneur. Mumpreneur. So many preneurs. Preneurs Schmeneurs. To be honest, I’m a bit over them. Most of them anyway.

Maybe it’s the people I’ve chosen to follow, subscribe to and watch, but I’m so bloody sick and tired of people telling us that the only way we can be happy is if we are self employed, making six figures plus and everything will be forever happy happy joy joy. I’m over the narcissistic “look at me, I’m so hot/rich/happy/healthy/fit/amazing”. “Look at my car/house/villa/first class seat”.


I have never called myself an entrepreneur, and I can’t ever imagine doing so. The likelihood of this happening would be on par with me starting to talk about “my journey”, but others have referred to me as such. It’s a nice compliment, but it’s certainly not what I want to be known as, or remembered for.

I’m just a normal person who figured out what was important to me and I’m blessed to do what I love, every single day. I am rich, oh boy am I rich, I feel like a gazillionaire, but it’s not measured by the size of my bank account, the type of car I drive or the daily income I make. I’m rich in love, life, knowledge, relationships, experiences and freedom, blissful, beautiful freedom.


I think the thing that irks me the most is the message that these people are selling us. The ONLY way to success is this way. What of the people who love what they do and have no desire to be self employed or earn big bucks? Does this mean they aren’t successful? What of our amazing teachers, nurses, social workers, what about people who love being a hairdresser, mechanic, waitress…insert the blank? Do they not measure up in terms of this new measure of success? Apparently not. I call bullshit.

The other thing that really gets up my goat is the sales techniques some of them use to suck people in. The other night I signed into a webinar as a “multiple six figure entrepreneur” promised to share mindset secrets in a once in a lifetime opportunity. I love learning about mindsets, deliberate creation and the like, so I signed in, and listened, and waited, to be dazzled. I listened for 90 minutes as we were told how awesome they were, how much they make, what cars they drive, where they holiday and so much more. Not one single mention of this mindset information they promised. BUT if we want to sign up for an amazing intensive for just a gazillion dollars, oh what the hell, let’s make it half a gazillion and seven dollars (don’t get me started on the marketing strategy of courses ending in 7 – I hate it more than I hate brussels sprouts) then we can learn these secrets. What tha?

I completely understand the need for people to receive some kind of exchange for their work, it’s their work and they should be paid. However there are plenty of people who do short webinars and give us a taste, which then lets us know if we like what they have to say, in fact it should leave us hanging off their every word and wanting more. No words of wisdom were shared that night. I shoulda known better!

Do you know how many of these people make money? They make money, and apparently lots of it, by allowing you to pay them to tell you how they make money. Yep, that’s pretty well it.

Now there are some entrepreneurs who are giving of their time, knowledge and wisdom, and I respect them greatly. Leonie Dawson is always incredibly generous with her wisdom and I’ve bought and will continue to buy her products. Denise Duffield Thomas shares her manifesting course for free and left me feeling like it was time well spent and I’ll most likely buy her book. I’ve recently started reading and watching Kathryn Hocking, who shares some great free tips on how to get an e-course up and running. I will definitely be signing up for her course in the future. All of these ladies inspire me with their authenticity, openness, willingness to share and they all leave me wanting more, but in a good way.

So my rant is over now and I’ll just be here, busily unfollowing and unsubscribing to my little heart’s content. My inbox and my mind, will be so much better for it.

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2 thoughts on “Click here to unsubscribe!

  1. As usual, great rant! Today you put clearly into words what I have been finding frustrating. I couldn’t figure out why exactly and so did the bext best thing I tend tend to do – self blame. I thought I was not clever enough to ‘get’ it etc etc.

    Your work will never be done here.


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