Dear Brain



Dear Brain,

I really love you very much, and I’m so grateful for all that you do for me every day, but right now I think you are being a little unfair.

Why my wonderful and wise, questioning brain did you choose the moment I woke at 1:30am to contemplate all the things?

Why must you choose now, right this minute, to remember everything I need to do tomorrow, next week, next month and forever?

Why did you come up with new and wonderful ideas at this time? Couldn’t they have waited until after breakfast?

Why now must we remember hundreds of things we enjoyed and didn’t enjoy?

Why now must we contemplate friendships lost and found?


Why, even when my eyes feel as if they are filled with sand, will you not let me go back to my peaceful dreams? My body is tired and ready for sleep, but you have different ideas. So many ideas. Some of them are really good, trust me, but they can wait. Like a newborn baby who can’t tell the difference between day and night. You have chosen now to party.

My beautiful, generous, thirsty, inquisitive, knowledge seeking brain; now is the time for sleep, let us slumber like the rest of the world, so we can create magic together tomorrow.


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One thought on “Dear Brain

  1. I get it! I totally get it! Completely tired at bed time, then, “let’s think about the boyfriend from over 30 years ago; did I check the stove knobs to make sure they’re all off; are the doors locked (never mind I checked them twice); all of the dumb stuff that means nothing all day until NOW!” **hugs**


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