Broken and embracing it


I’ve noticed a big shift and a bit of a theme developing in recent times and I’m loving it! People all over the world, in all sorts of professions and positions are stepping out and admitting to their vulnerabilities and imperfections, loud and proud. It’s about time.

This morning I read this post by Leonie Dawson, the most recent in a series that she has written on some shifts that have been occurring for her. Leonie has always been authentic in her vulnerability but lately she’s showing more of herself and I’m relating to her more than ever before. At the same time she’s a wildly successful millionaire entrepreneur.

I’ve read many posts and stories of people sharing their “I’m not ok” moments; sharing vulnerabilities, fears, plaguing self doubt, mental illness, physical health issues and imperfections. As I said before – It’s about time.

For too long people, and especially those in business or entrepreneurial type of enterprises, have been only showing the “all good, hunky dory and everything is shiny and perfect” side of their lives. It’s not reality and also only serves to make others feel inadequate. There is nothing more powerful and affirming than realising you are not alone in something. I mean how often have you done a Google search on something to find a gazillion results of people having the same side effect, experience or thought? People speaking out courageously about real life is a wonderful thing in my opinion.

I first began speaking out about my less than ok moments about 18 months ago. I wrote this on my business page in April last year, which was a huge step for me. I mean how could I boldy state on my professional page such bold statements as I don’t look after myself well, when I teach self care for a living? Prior to this “I don’t do vulnerable” was my catch phrase and default position.

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I started this blog in July 2015 as a place to write about anything and everything. It started as a bit of a fun space to talk about different things, that I felt didn’t necessarily belong on my business page, but quickly became much more than that to me. Writing about my addiction, anxiety, depression and perfectly imperfect life has been the most profoundly healing experience. In fact I was so uncomfortable with the vulnerability I showed here, that I didn’t share it with friends and family at first, as for some reason I was ok with strangers reading it but wasn’t ready for those who know me to be the one who has it all together, all the time to read it.

Interestingly I’ve realised that pretty well all of my posts about me actually belong on my business page and I’m finding it near on impossible to separate the two now, which has led me to think about taking my coaching business in a different direction. After all who are we in business if not ourselves? Who are we to share our knowledge if we don’t share all of us?

I’m so grateful to Brene Brown for being courageous enough to speak up about vulnerability and starting a revolution of real! That’s a new phrase I just made up, and I think I’ll keep it and start using it! I give her full credit for starting the conversation and sparking a movement and I’m so happy to be part of it! Let’s keep on being courageous, vulnerable and owning our stuff. Healing is ours for the taking, and it all begins with vulnerability.

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4 thoughts on “Broken and embracing it

  1. I am still embracing my vulnerability. My friends don’t know about my blog and, while my family knows of it only a couple want to actually read it. That knowledge limits what I write often. Like, I would love to explore the dynamics of my relationship with my mother more but she reads my blog so I cannot. I feel extremely vulnerable with my blog, so it’s a work in progress for me.

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    • Yes I hear you on that one. I’m writing my memoir as you know, and have been really unsure on where to go with some of the earlier aspects of my life. Can you write anonymously in a private blog that nobody sees unless you invite them?

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