We could learn a lot from our kids


Last night my nearly five year old granddaughter drew me the above picture. I’m on the left, my husband is in the middle and she’s on the right. Apart from the fact she’s obviously incredibly talented, this drawing says so much about how she and most kids see the world. The only visible difference between my husband and us is his height. His skin colour is the same as ours in the picture, despite the fact that he is black. I love that! Kids don’t seem to see colour. I actually wrote this post about her a couple of years back, when I noticed all the things she taught me in one day. We really should stop and pay more attention to their innate wisdom, we could learn so much.

Apart from not seeing colour, kids also don’t seem to see other differences the way we do. When her dad was about three (he’s 30 now) and attending child care a couple of days a week, there was a boy in his group who used a wheelchair and had medical issues requiring high levels of assistance. I was interested to see how my son saw his friend. When I asked if he was at child care that day, he replied with an enthusiastic yes. I asked him to tell me which one he was, acting as if I couldn’t place him. He described what he was wearing, the colour of his hair, but never once mentioned his chair. I had actually almost forgotten about this conversation until last night.

I’m not sure when kids start to notice the differences between us, or if it’s something that we teach them, but for now I’m so happy to be reminded to look at life through the eyes of a child.

What a wonderful world it would be if we could live every day with the open hearts and minds of our littlest and wisest ones.

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