Work with me – communication

If I had to sum myself up in one word it would be that I’m a communicator. I am ridiculously passionate about clear authentic communication, verbal or written. With a long history in training and teaching, my greatest joy comes from taking people from one place to another with me. Authentic communication is a gift that I feel is critical but sadly being lost amidst the noise of our busy online world.

Unlocking creativity is an essential part of communication and I love the feeling that comes when I am creating and experiencing the joy of flow.

I would love to share my gift of authentic communication and creativity with you to help you express yourself personally or professionally.

Here are a few suggestions of some of the ways we could work together, but really the list is endless.

Copy writing: Are you stuck on getting your message across? I can take your thoughts and ideas and turn them into fun, meaningful and easy to read copy for your website, brochures, business documents, bio, job application or whatever it is that you need to produce.

Blog writing: Blogs are an integral part of any effective website and marketing strategy, but not everyone is comfortable writing them, and sometimes time is an issue. I would be delighted to turn your thoughts and ideas into interesting and engaging blog posts. I can write on any topic to any audience.

Editing and proof reading: Do you need your copy proof read or edited? I’m a grammar and spelling freak and I absolutely love checking other people’s work.

I have checked and edited everything from product labels to job applications, website content and grant submissions.

Finding your voice: Do you have something you need or want to write but don’t know where to start? I can work with you to help you find your voice and express yourself as only you can do. They say we all have a book inside of us, let me help you unlock yours. Sessions can be in person or via Skype.

Drop me a line to talk about creating some magic together. It will be fun I promise!

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